Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Weird Weather

Today was amazing. I've never seen purple on the radar screen. I've seen yellow, orange, red. I didn't know there was a worse one. I guess I don't look during our hurricanes.

So it wasn't a hurricane just a really bad, but quick storm. Then it started to hail. Hail? In Boston? I used to have hail all the time as a kid in the mountains of Colorado. It was unusual for us not to get hail there. But Boston is not known for its hail storms. We've had it here before, but it is rare. I tried to take a photo, but the photo through the rain drenched window didn't come out. I wasn't stepping out or opening the windows in the madness. The thunder was crashing down every second.

After the storm cleared, I went out to the garden. My eggplant is so sad. I'm not sure if it will recover or not. The leaves are a little shredded. The eggplant had just been sulking in my garden until the last couple of days and it decided to take off. Now I'm not so sure. I think it might go back to sulking.

The cucurbits are all shredded too, but I'm pretty sure they will quickly grow out of it. I may have to cut some leaves off if they start to mildew. The lettuce also got hit. I was going to pick most of it on Thursday anyway because of the forecasted heat. Hopefully it will hold up until then. Most of the other veggies didn't get hurt too bad. A few lying on the ground and whipped by the wind, but they will all recover. My Asian greens probably barely felt the wind under their row cover. To them it was probably a nice mild drenching rain. You have to love row covers for protecting your plants.

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