Saturday, July 5, 2014


Our heat finally broke. Sadly it is just for a couple of days. But while it was nice in the garden I decided to deal with this bed. There are still three cabbages there. They should be finished by now, but they are taking their own sweet time to head up. One is almost ready though.

I lightly fertilized and then loosened the soil deeply. I don't really need to do that as I'm putting in some more fresh eating carrots - Mokem and Yaya. They don't really get that long. Eight inches if I'm lucky. I've never grown a spot just for the carrots I eat fresh and don't store. I like it though as I won't feel like I'm shorting my winter stores when I eat these. They will also size up faster and are being planted earlier than the storage carrots.

Once they were in I put some remay on the ground to hold in the moisture. They germinate much better this way. Especially since we are getting yet more hot weather. And I don't know if you can see it or not. But right in front of the remay are the earlier planted carrots (same types). They came up a while ago and were thinned and weeded. Right now they only have their first true leaf. They will be the first ones ready this fall. I know I'll miss all my dried beans, but it really opened up a lot of space to plant other things. Now I just have to figure out what I'm going to do with the rest of the bed when the cabbages come out. I wish I had more carrot seed, but I used them up.


  1. Thanks for the reminder, it's time to plant carrots again, I have better luck with them in fall planting.

  2. Using the row cover to keep the carrot seeds moist is such a great idea - I used this method this past spring, after reading about it on one of your older posts, and it worked so well. Not only did it keep the bed moist, but it also kept the seeds from being disturbed when I watered the bed. And all my carrots came up this year - yeah!

  3. I had some very bad germination rates with carrots this year, so I'm tempted to try your method next time. Is that Remay stuff like fleece?