Tuesday, July 15, 2014


And I do mean chores. I usually find the garden fun to work in, but some things aren't all that fun. Like being outside when it is so soupy out. Ick. But I'm working on whittling down my list.

I got the succession of turnips and beets in. I decided this time to put in the purple top turnips instead of my typical salad turnips. Maybe they will store better in the fall. I'll seed more salad turnips when the old ones come out on the left side of the bed.

The storage carrot seedlings were up. So I removed the remay that kept the seeds moist while germinating.

And put on a netting row cover. This is one of the earliest times that I've gotten my storage carrots in. I'm hoping that means a big yield. The last couple of years were mild disappointments as they really didn't have time to size up enough. These storage carrots can get really big if given enough time.

I also did a bit of indoor work as it was more comfortable than being outside. I potted up the kale seedlings. I need 16 seedlings and potted up 18 of them. A few are really small. I hope they catch up. I really don't like potting things up. I should have remembered where they were going to go and not planted them with all the other fall brassicas. They don't need the same amount of time anyway as they are mainly for overwintering. I will get some kale in the fall, but the aphids tend to take over at that time of year, so I quit harvesting anyway. Maybe I'll do a soap spray this year. But I haven't kept up with spraying the fruit trees, so probably not.

I've have been keeping up with turning my melon and sweet potato runners back into the beds. If I let them I wouldn't be able to walk.

Tomorrow it is supposed to rain and rain. So I doubt I'll get out to work. Hopefully we won't have any damaging winds like our last storm. My local town put out a weather advisory that supercells might form and we might get damaging wind, hail, and flash flooding. I might have to prop the corn up again. Now all of it is big enough that if it goes down, I'll run out of stakes. So I'm praying it misses us. Rain is really good, but the wind I can live without.


  1. I think I sowed some of my fall transplants a bit too soon as well. I want them to be ready to go in once the onions come out, which I thought would be around mid to end of July, but now I'm thinking it will be early August.

  2. Which carrot do you grow for storage?

    Just had a big Tstorm up in Maine, some tornado warnings further north!

  3. Your garden looks nice and full. My spring carrots are pitiful this year! I just pulled up some and they were only about 4 inches long. So annoying. Hopefully my fall crop will be better. I really need to get some of that netting. The beetles and cabbage moths are out of control right now.

  4. Your garden is wonderful and organized. You have made use of every inch. Hope you don't get too much wind. Nancy

  5. I need to get my fall carrots going soon too. We're getting a welcome break from the heat and humidity. Hopefully it is coming your way next!

  6. Yes, sometimes some of the jobs in the garden do seem like drudgery, but they need to be done. At this time of year, a garden can get out of control very rapidly. We are in a period of very hot humid weather, with severe thunderstorms forecast for the weekend - oh joy!

  7. Love the last photo showing a good part of the yard ... what an amazing, productive use of a small space. I have 6 acres and probably don't have as much going on as you do!!