Thursday, July 17, 2014


Looking out my back door at the circle garden in the rain

The last day or so have been wet. We missed Tuesday's big storm as part of it went to the east of us and part of it went to the west of us. We stayed mostly dry that day. But when we did get hit on Wednesday, we got two inches of rain in less than an hour. Luckily we only got hit with one big cell because that fast rain was enough to shut down the electricity in part of the town as things flooded.

Beds 1-3 after the storm

As you can see we didn't get too much wind. As the corn is still standing.

All three patches of it are still up. So we got very lucky this time. The onions are starting to fall over though (under the closest of the green row covers). I think it was the pounding rain that did that. So it won't be long before I'm starting to harvest.


  1. That’s good that your corn is still upright. I attempted to grow a 4’x8’ bed of sweet corn two years ago. After a major storm, I had to prop each one back up, and I was disappointed when we only harvested a couple of ears.

  2. I'm sure your garden is enjoying that good soaking. The standing corn was the first thing I noticed when I looked at the photo, funny how having a patch of my own corn this year makes me notice it more in other gardens. I wish we could get a couple of inches of rain. We actually had a bit of rain the other night, it was strange to hear it but it didn't last more than a couple minutes.

  3. It's been hot and sunny all week here in fact a bit too hot for gardening.

  4. I love a good rain storm....I'm glad your corn made it through unscathed.

  5. Glad you didn't have too much damage. We received quite a bit of rain too but now suppose to be dry for awhile. Happy Harvesting! Nancy

  6. two inchesof rain in an hour ... as damaging as that may be, i can only dream of that. we've just had 14 mls (just over half an inch) across two days - and we were pretty pleased with that! but it's too "few and far between".
    too dark and cold for much gardenign here in tassie :-)

  7. Wow that's more rain in an hour than we get all summer!! One of the two varieties of onions we have planted fell over this week too. It's getting close for that onioney time of year! :)

  8. Very nice. Can you tell me what types of row cover/insect barrier you are currently using? They look much thinner than the agribon type. Also, where did you get them? Thanks!

    1. I'm using fabric netting. It is like tulle (a fabric often used in wedding gowns), but the holes are larger. You get it at a fabric store as it isn't made for gardens. It works pretty well though. It seems to hold up a bit better than the thinnest of the agribons. But like the thin agribon it gets holes easily if you aren't careful with it, or if for instance an animal tries to climb up it. Though with the last one, which I've had happen with the thin agribon and the netting. The agribon pretty much gets destroyed, but the netting is much easier to repair as the holes are smaller.

  9. Tuesday was wild. We drove into Boston for a concert, left in the midst of a storm cell with heavy rain. Once we got south towards the Pike, sun was out. Boston was dry all evening, but we drove into another cell going home. Had about 1.5 inches. Only garden damage besides a few tipped tomato cages was 3 of us experienced snapped pole bean stems from wind whipping the trellises.