Thursday, July 10, 2014

Now for a Break from our Regularly Scheduled Program

I've been busy catching you up on all the things I've been doing in the garden. But today was such a wonderful day that it deserved to be mentioned. We have been having the most disgustingly humid and hot weather. I do almost all of the work in the garden early in the morning because I can't stand to be outside in the afternoon. I stay holed up inside in air conditioning. Bleh! Today it broke. The humidity was low. The high was only 83F. There was a slight wind blowing and the occasional cloud gave relief from the sun. I could open my windows and feel the breeze even when I was typing on the computer. Just heaven.

I spent some time just reading in the garden on a portable lounge chair. I watched the cabbage butterflies dance around the lavender. And yes that is relaxing to me. All my brassicas are covered, so they aren't pests to me, just pretty butterflies. I even spent enough time outside to see a real honey bee in the garden. They have been sorely lacking this year.

I think Kronos agreed with me today. Often he asks to go inside while I'm in the garden because he has a heavy coat and just can't stand the heat. But today he was laying down happily in the sun.


  1. Days like that are just heavenly...gorgeous shot of the bee on the Echinacea.

  2. I have to agree, today was the perfect day to sit outside and just take it all in. Great picture of the bee and coneflower by the way!

  3. That's a coincidence: I was only remarking yesterday that I had seen a couple of honey bees in my garden this week. Theses days they are rare enough to be remarked upon! Glad you were able to enjoy a bit of time relaxing in the sunshine.