Friday, July 11, 2014

Lettuce, Currants, and Mustard

Yesterday morning I decided the lettuce could go in. It hadn't had a lot of time to acclimatize to the sun.

But the spot that I cleared for it was pretty shady between all those other plants.

I watered them in well.

I spent a lot of time weeding and during that I noticed that my currant bushes in the corners of the fence still had currants on them. This one is Pink Champagne and it was flopping all over. So I tied it up so it could see a bit more sun and so I could get to the berries. Oh they are good. These are less tart than the red ones I have (whose name escapes me now). I could eat these out of hand happily as long I can teach myself to not chew to hard to get the seeds stuck in my teeth.

The matching currant on the other side didn't need any tying up. I think it gets a lot more sun so grows sturdier. It was putting some branches through the lattice to the path though, so I fixed that. And see that wonderful tarragon right in front of the currant bush? I can't believe how well it is growing this year. Tarragon has always been a struggle for me. Obviously not this year. Not that I've done anything differently.

The next chore was an unexpected one. About a month ago my compost pile looked like this. It was beautifully in bloom. With yellow mustard.

Fast forward to yesterday and a lot of it was starting to dry. It looked like a couple of pods had shattered so I wanted to get the ripe ones harvested. I'll be doing this every week for a few weeks and collecting them in a large paper bag. I don't usually have a productive compost pile. I often get morning glories growing up the side, but I've never gotten unintended food from it. Maybe next year I should plan something for the top of this pile? I didn't even have to water it.


  1. "Currants", Daphne, please! ("Currents" are what run through electrical circuits). Anyway, pedantry aside, I empathise with your views on currants. I used to grow them, but it was only me who ever had the patience to harvest them, and I got fed up with this. I prefer them in jellies - or in Cassis!

  2. Love to see your lettuce & zinnia, so beautiful!

  3. I love mustards - especially grainy ones. That is another plant that is on my list of plants that I want to grow at some point.