Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother’s Day

As I went outside this morning to put out my plants, I was greeted with beautiful birdsong. We have a lot of birds in this area, but usually they aren’t so noisy so late in the day (9:30am). Usually they sing en masse closer to sunrise and just individually until dusk. Then after I had just started writing this post, I looked outside. There was a bird that I had never seen before. It was on a branch right outside of my window; hopping all around the branch looking for insects. The bird was black and white striped with a white throat. It was a very distinctive bird. I looked it up and found it was a female Black and White Warbler. LOL Halfway through writing this yet another bird I don’t usually see showed up on the same branch the other had vacated. This time it was a Yellow-rumped Warbler and boy was he singing. So I guess they were noisy this morning because I have a bunch of warblers in my yard. I think they’ve finally shown up because the caterpillars have hatched. Little green ones are hanging off the trees. I have one tent from the tent caterpillars on the branch right outside my window and a tufted titmouse was happily eating them. Though I’m not really a bird watcher, I do love the birds. It was a nice gift for Mother’s Day.

My daughter is already home from college so is here for Mother’s Day. However my son will probably forget it is Mother’s Day. He is still off at college. I was going to harass him earlier in the week to tell him his responsibility now that he is not around. I don’t need gifts, cards or dinner out, but the phone call is mandatory. This is his first year away so I have to get him trained up for the rest of his life.

I have two mothers in my life, my mom and my MIL. I sent my MIL a basket of plants which is traditional for me (that or flowers). My mother got something else this year. I sent her the Organic Sampler gift from Diamond Organics. She lives in Colorado and is a long time from having really fresh veggies. They ship freshly picked organic produce overnight to your door. Not quite as good as the farmer’s market (since it get shipped via plane), but still fresh and healthy. Happy Mother’s Day to both of you.

BTW sorry no photos of the birds. I think I would have to use my husband’s good camera to get photos of skittish little birds and I'm just not willing to play with the lenses right now. Instead I took a photo of the Lily of the Valley that is blooming in my back yard.

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