Saturday, May 10, 2008

Weathering Obsessions

We have probably gotten about an inch of rain in the last couple of days. Sadly the sun won’t come out until tomorrow, so my little eggplants, cucumbers and basil must stay on the window sill today. The clear plastic row cover won‘t heat up without the sun. Well actually it will to a certain extent. I took the Asian greens outside. They can handle the cold weather. When I put them in the little hoop micro house, it was actually much warmer than the surrounding air; still not warm enough for an eggplant, but enough to make the brassicas happy.

As the spring gets farther along, my fascination with the weather gets to be obsessive. Will it rain today; will it be sunny; will we have a frost; what will be the high? I usually visit a couple of different weather sites each day; sometimes more than once. They give me an idea of what the weather will be, but my little micro climate can be different. If I ask for the weather in Winchester, I will probably get a report for Winchester center (if I’m lucky and it’s not for some close town). I live on a hill. In the fall, winter and spring we often get snow when downtown Winchester will have rain. I’ve been gardening for years in this house, but I haven’t kept any records of the weather (or anything else for that matter). I used to have a high low thermometer, but after one storm it blew away and hasn’t been seen since. I need a new thermometer; oh yeah and a rain gauge; and those historical records I never kept. As if that will really make my plants grow better. But still my obsession continues.


  1. Hi Daphne, good luck with your vegetables. I hope you get a bumper crop! There is nothing nicer and healthier than homegrown vegetables. Your plants look really good and ready to be planted out. Sunny days!

  2. Thanks. Those cucumber and zucchini plants are growing like crazy. I took the picture that Saturday morning, just two weeks after they were planted. They are already working on their third true leaf. They really need to get into the ground. But on the weather front, tomorrow's high is only supposed to be 48F (and rainy) - way too cold for a cucumber. Hopefully by the end of the week it will have warmed up. Regardless they are getting too big and will go in sometime next week.