Wednesday, May 7, 2008


It is another beautiful day; hot and sunny with a high in the mid 70s. I picked my first lettuce today. It was not full grown, but not a bad size either - about 8" in diameter. It will give the rest of the lettuce plants room to grow (5 early plants). I picked it early in the morning and washed it up and put in it in the fridge. Warm lettuce is disgusting, not like picking a yummy warm tomato and eating it. It is much better after getting cold. I had some for lunch in my sandwich and it was wonderful.

I use a row cover for my brassicas because of the flea beetles and the cabbage butterfly. There are many problems with row covers. The weirdest one is that they trap insects inside. The insects will hatch and try to fly out, but they get trapped. So you have insects swarming inside the row cover. This morning when I was out I let out a batch of little flying creatures, maybe fungus gnats, but I’m not really sure. There may well be another batch of them tomorrow.


  1. Hmmmm, I never thought about that happening.

  2. It happens to me often when I use row covers (which I don't always use). The worst was when I had a big pack of flies hatch. Not the little things like the gnats hatching now - and by the way they keep on coming. Each day I let more out - but large flies. I always wondered what kind they were. And I keep waiting to find some beneficials hatching, but no luck so far.

  3. Sorry about all those big flies hatching out - yuk! I don't remember what your planting mix was, could the eggs have been laid in compost that was later used there? I remember unusual and large flies that would get in the house in May. Always just one large fly per year in the house, and always in May. I don't know what they are, either.

    Here's hoping the birds take care of them and the gnats.