Wednesday, May 28, 2008


My allergies and my love for my garden are at war with one another right now. I can breathe and be almost sneeze free if I stay inside. But that is not likely to happen is it?

Today is beautiful and it rained yesterday. I thought I would be relatively safe after a good rain. Not so. Weeding my perennial bed doesn’t take long. Maybe 15 minutes. But that was enough to set me off.

I had a couple of other things to do after my sneezing started. My chamomile came up very strong in spots, but not in others. So I moved the little plants around so there wouldn’t bee so many gaps between them. While I was doing this I found the soil was not really wet. It ought to have if we got the official amount of rain (0.7”). I’m thinking we may have gotten a quarter of an inch, but not any more.

Last evening’s thunderstorms were very intense but brief (45 mins) and I can imagine that the rain was spotty and our spot got short changed. Because of this I decided to hold off picking my last early lettuce plant. I watered it well instead. I’ll pick it tomorrow morning and thin the later lettuce.

I tried to find the cutworm again near my turnips, but there were no knocked down plants there. On the other side of the garden however I had a basil plant mowed down. I found the evil creature and dispatched it. I had a left over basil plant still in its little pot; so planted it. This is the second basil that has been chomped down. Since I’m worried about the rest of the basil, I put little sticks right up against their stems. Hopefully that will prevent them from dying. I thought about doing it to the pumpkins too since they are in the same bed, but all six of the seeds I planted came up. If a couple of them get eaten by the cutworms, it is just thinning out my pumpkins. All of them dying would be bad so put just two sticks up.


  1. Have you tried stinging nettle to relieve your allergies? I switch from OTC medication to stinging nettle. It works better and has great health benefits.

  2. No I've never tried that. How do you use it? Just eat it in hmm a sauté, or do you make a tea?

    Of course I'd have to find a source of nettles to try it. It is not something I have in my garden or yard. I'm sure if I figure out what they look like I could find them around here. I was stung once going through a field that was a dried pond bed, but I don't remember what they look like.

  3. I use freeze dried capsules, but I suppose you could grind your own up if you can find them!