Monday, May 12, 2008

Weeds and Cutworms

My Mother’s Day gift to myself yesterday was weeding the perennial garden. Since I hear people all the time complaining about weeding their gardens, I figure I’m a bit strange. I like weeding. Not all weeding is fun, but pulling out small weeds after a rainstorm is always nice. It is more on the order of communing with the garden than working. I also stripped all the flowers off the blueberries I had planted earlier this year. Some of the blueberries were planted where raspberries were last year. I obviously didn’t get all of the roots out, since raspberry shoots were still coming up. I stripped them out of the ground. Note to self: put on gloves before you rip out raspberries.

Today is very windy and chilly. The weatherman said we will have 20mph wind and may get occasional gusts up to 50mph. I was going to start hardening my cucumbers off so I can get them in the ground at the end of the week. They have already seen full sun all day being in their hoop house, but their stems aren’t very strong yet. They need to be gradually introduced to the wind. So they get one more day under plastic.

Cutworm update: cutworms 1; me 4. So far I’ve found and dispatched 4 cutworms, but one has eluded me. I saw the foliage knocked down and dug around the area, but I had no luck finding him. I’ll keep a sharp eye out tomorrow to see if he strikes again. There is the slim possibility that the plant was nipped off by a bird, but I doubt it.

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