Tuesday, July 5, 2011

And What To My Wondering Eyes Should Appear

But miniature melons and three tiny eggplants.

I leave the garden for four days and oh the changes I can see.

Yes I have to show you all those baby melons.

I wouldn't want to miss any.

And the corn has started to tassel.

The first snap bean is forming.

The Painted Lady runner beans are in bloom.

And best of all. No not the dying nasturtium. But the reason I let my nasturtium die due to aphids. Can you see all four in this photo?

There are so many ladybug larvae that I even found it in my harvest basket with no aphids in sight. I hope they eat white flies as I found an infestation in my tomatoes. Whiteflies don't live up here in the north, but are brought in on plants from greenhouses. I didn't bring any in. I'm sure they flew in from someone else who wasn't careful with their plants.

The first peppers are forming.

The pepper bed looks pretty good. I had to pull a lot of leaves off again, but not like before. One plant bit the dust and had to be pulled. I'll spray it again this week. Probably tomorrow as I watered today after ripping any infected leaves off.

And just because I can. Here is a photo from my trip. The only marble dam in North America is in western Massachusetts.


  1. What sort of peppers are they, Daphne? Hot chilli peppers?

  2. Very exciting to see your baby eggplant and melons. My watermelon isn't vining yet. I don't think there will be time for fruit.

    The blooms on the Painted Lady runner beans are absolutely beautiful. Cheers for the lady bug army!

  3. There are so many exciting things happening in your garden. Isn't it amazing how the garden seems to explode into growth and productivity at this time of year. It's difficult to keep up with.

  4. Wow! I've never seen lady bug larvae. I'll keep an eye out for them. I love lady bugs! :)

  5. Very cool!Our corn has started to tassel too and it is so exciting!

  6. Why do your lady bugs look different? I've only seen the red spotted ones here. You can post as many melon pics and I'll keep saying "Awwww" :) Mine are starting to form well - butternut squash and hybrid melons!

  7. Congrats on the eggplant and melons forming. It's amazing how fast things change in the garden. No melons for me this year, as the slugs took out the seedlings and they didn't sprout when I planted them again. Maybe I'll try one more year.

  8. Wow, those Painted Lady bean blossoms are gorgeous! Everything looks great. Even that dam is damn pretty ;-)

  9. Well I would be taking lots of pictures of all of those baby melons and egg plants too! How cool is that to have them spring forth while you were away?! Almost as exciting is the lady bug larva coming to your rescue. Hurrah for the good bugs!

    Our corn has started to tassle as well. Bush beans are flowering and will set pods shortly. And our pea pods are plumping up significantly. The summer garden is about to arrive. (finally!)

  10. Excited looking at your melons. What type are they?

  11. Looking good Daphne. You have a ton of baby melons! How many plants are you growing this year?

  12. Sometimes its nice to leave the garden for a bit to really "notice" the changes we seem to miss on a daily basis.
    Those melons will be scrumptious. I'm envious!

  13. I love those painted lady runner beans. I may have to get some of those. They are beautiful!

  14. Mark. Those are Anaheims. So yes hot peppers. I have a lot of hot peppers in there as I love them so much.

    GrafixMuse, This may be the first good melon year I've every had. I'm surprised at how well they are doing. But I think the extra bit of heat from living in an urban environment helps a lot for that.

    michelle, It really does. Now I need to get something to help tie up those melons on the trellis.

    Sheila, I do too. They are so pretty and so good for the garden.

    Allison, it is exciting. I can't wait for the first ear of corn.

    RandomGardner, They are larvae of the lady bugs. They will look like normal ones soon. But the larvae actually eat more aphids than the adults do.

    Emily, Oh how sad. I hate when the slogs take things down. In 2009 I had very few cucumbers because the slugs were so vicious.

    Granny, I love the Painted Lady. I planted them on the end so I'd get to see them. They are growing up the trellis too.

    Laura, I'm happy to be seeing the summer produce starting to arrive. Now If those tomatoes would just hurry up, my life would be complete.

    Diana, they are Halona melons. They are an very early cantaloupe (79 days). Our season is so short that I'm doing an early maturing melon. In general they aren't as good. But a vine ripened melon is better than what comes in the stores.

    Thomas, I'm not sure. Maybe eight? They are planted in a 2'x 8' section of the garden and have a trellis to grow up.

    Sue, When I'm gone for a week my jaw always drops when I see the garden. Sometimes for good and sometimes for bad, but it always changes a lot.

    Crafty Cristy, they really are beautiful. Scarlet runners are pretty too, but not as spectacular up close.

  15. Yay~~eggplants, melons, corn, and beans!

  16. Wow...you have so many different wonderful things growing. I love your garden.