Saturday, July 30, 2011


This year I put in my two peach trees and my blueberry bushes. Sadly putting in fruit is a long term investment and I won't see fruit on the blueberries or peaches for a while. So while I was at the farmers market I bought some of both. Though I love to eat them fresh too these were for jam. Last year my sister-in-law made the yummiest blueberry peach jam. So I wanted to try one too. But I wanted one that was pectin free. So I looked one up.

I found one at A Thinking Stomach. It seemed like a nice one. Not too much sugar and no added pectin. It even leaves the peels in. I did it a bit differently. I didn't let it sit overnight in the fridge, which I figured was for getting the juice to start coming out of the peaches. So instead I used my trusty food processor to make juice. This meant there wouldn't be large peach parts in it or any whole blueberries left, but I was OK with that.

I boiled it up. I think my candy thermometer is wrong by about 4 degrees. I'd suspected this since I bought it last winter and made some English toffee. Luckily I don't rely on a thermometer. My jam sense is pretty good by now. But even with that temperature adjustment of 4 degrees, the jam jelled much earlier than the stated 221F. I took it out at a reading of 210 (in reality probably 214) and if anything I think it is a bit over jelled. I like my jams pretty soft. Maybe the thermometer is off by more?

At any rate the jam turned out very good. It wasn't too sticky sweet like a lot of jams. But I think it was a little too much blueberry and a little too little peach. Next time I'll have to up weight of the peaches. Though it makes a really good blueberry jam if that is what you are going for. Much better than the blueberry jam I made last winter.


  1. And sometimes when you put in fruit, you don't get it even after 4 years thanks to the birds. Sigh.

    Like this recipe--not so much sugar. I dislike taking something so good for you (fruit) and making it NOT so good for you (sugar)

  2. If it's pectin free, does it jell? I thought it had to have pectin? The jell or not jell battle goes on every time I make jelly or jam.

  3. Sue, yeah sometimes you never get fruit. But gardening is all about optimism. I'm hoping. And I like the low sugar part too. Usually jams have a lot of sugar so they set better, but this one set up just fine.

    Veggie PAK, yes it gels very well. Gelling is affected by many things. pH (lower acid things are better), pectin content, and sugar content. I'm sure the added lemon juice in the recipe helps it gel. Also the adding the peach skin probably helps. Skins tend to be higher in pectin content. Both peaches and blueberries aren't fruits with really high pectin content (though they do have a reasonable amount). So I'm guessing if you got rid of the lemon juice and the skin it wouldn't gel nearly as well.

  4. peach annd blueberry jam. Now there is something I am going to have to try. I enjoy doing pectin free jam..but half the time i cannot get it to gel.

  5. Sounds like a yummy jam. I usually make strawberry-raspberry freezer jam. This year I was thinking of using blueberries. Maybe I'll make this jam. The combo sounds delicious!

  6. Mrs Pickles, it is hard sometimes, but my peaches weren't dead ripe and were still crunchy (but sweet and delicious) so that always helps.

    Holly, I've never made a freezer jam before. I have too many things in there as it is.

  7. Yum! Hooray for blueberry peach jam. I hope you find the proportions that work just right for you.

    That "dog vomit" mold in the post above would make me hesitate when walking in the garden. Wowsers!

  8. Wow, why do you keep making delicious looking things and posting about them, when I'm hungry (it has nothing to do with me catching up!).

    I think I might try to make some peach jam. I hope it's worth it!

  9. Oooh, what an awesome combination! This is one I'll have to try! Yum