Friday, July 15, 2011

Seeing Red - And Purple

The first of the Heinz tomatoes are starting to ripen. These should get bigger, but I think they set too many fruit and the plant just can't handle it.

The first Cherokee Purple tomato is starting to ripen. So the tomatoes have liked the heat even if I've hated it.


  1. That is so many tomatoes hanging from one plant! I can't find Heinz tomato seeds here in OZ.

  2. Oh boy!!! It's looks like you will be up to your ears in tomatoes in no time!!

  3. WOW! That is a LOT of tomatoes on one plant! If you're making sauce with those, it'll be nice to have so many! I had my first Cherokee Purple the other night, and it was delicious, I hope you enjoy yours!

  4. I harvested my first tomatoes today. Only four small ones, but hopefully the first of many. I can't get enough tomatoes. The only thing that stops me growing more is the lack of space.

  5. My Cherokees are big but not blushing yet. Hopefully I won't have to wait much longer!

  6. Good heavens, is that Heinz on steroids?

    My Cherokee Purples are just getting that yellow color that comes before first blush, but I ate my first Brandywine for lunch today. The Sungold has set tomatoes, so it shouldn't be long now!

  7. Whoa, never seen so many tomatoes on one plant, is Heinz a bush variety?
    We are hot hot hot here, but my CP shows no sign of ripening, it's still very green.

  8. The Heinz Tomato Factory called and said they'd like your tomatoes to fulfill their yearly quota.

  9. Diana, Well these were made for colder climates. They set well in cool conditions. They are actually Heinz 2653. This is my second year growing them, and so far so good. We will see if the tomatoes can all turn before the plants die though.

    Robin, I hope so. I have two pints of sauce left from last year. It won't be long before it is all gone.

    Megan, Yes they are paste tomatoes so I will be making sauce with them. I can't wait for mine to ripen all the way. I picked it today to make sure nothing bad would happen to it. So it will sit on my counter until it is ready.

    Mark, I could grow more if I got rid of some of the peppers or tomatoes. But I think I have about the right amount. I guess I'll find out as I get my harvest.

    Thonmas, I hope yours start to turn soon.

    Granny, I think it is. It is such a weird plant. It sets way too many tomatoes for the size of the plant then it dies ripening them up. Oh yum I haven't grown a Brandywine in years.

    Mac, yes Heinz is a bush variety. It sets fruit fast and ripens them fast, but the plant doesn't last long.

    Ben, lol NO! They can't have any of my tomatoes.

  10. How exciting! That CP looks like it will be a beauty. I have some tiny Sun Golds that have ripened and some Defiants that are pre blush (the yellowing) but our temps have dipped back down to really cool and so they have stalled out again. Some day... we will get ripe tomatoes.