Monday, July 11, 2011

Harvest Monday - July 11 2011

Monday's Harvest

Chamomile right before harvest on Tuesday

Tuesday's herbs

I think this week was more about how many little photos I could take. Usually I harvest in the morning knowing what I want to pick and eat. This week not so much. I'd harvest. Then I'd remember and come back and harvest again. And sometimes again.

Tuesday's lettuce

Tuesday's main harvest

This week was also about firsts which you will see scattered through the photos. I had my first carrots above. Mokum was the first to get big enough to pick. Though there is one little Purple Haze. I sent the Purple Haze to my CSA. They have kids and I thought the kids would get a kick out of purple carrots. Though the purple doesn't go all the way through.

Wednesday's beans

Wednesday's peas

Thursday's Komatsuna

Thursday's Chocolate Mint

Friday's harvest and the first cucumber harvested

Another Friday harvest and the first tomato

Sunday's carrots. Isn't that top one freaky. It had no outer part on one side, just the inner core.

Sunday's peas and zukes, and yes more tomtoes

And I had my first strawberry, Seascape. The strawberry was photographed, but not weighed. And promptly eaten for dessert. They aren't as good as a Sparkle strawberry, which I have planted but it is a June bearer so will have to wait for next year. At least this strawberry got photographed. The tiny handful of raspberries I've been picking don't even get their photo taken. I see it and eat it. Gone with no record.

  • Alliums 0.29 lbs
  • Beans 3.31 lbs
  • Broccoli 0.71 lbs
  • Carrot 1.33 lbs
  • Cucurbits 2.37 lbs
  • Greens 2.01 lbs
  • Herbs 0.82 lbs
  • Peas 1.63 lbs
  • Other roots 0.53 lbs
  • Tomato 0.13 lbs
  • Weekly Total 13.17 lbs
  • Weekly Spent $0
  • Yearly Total 107.21 lbs
  • Still in the hole $-115.53

Harvest Monday is a day to show off your harvests, how you are saving your harvest, or how you are using your harvest. If you have a harvest you want to show off, add your name and link to Mr Linky below.


  1. Summer harvests have really started for you with your zucchini and cucumbers producing well. I just got the first of both of those this week.

  2. Oops, I mistook those darker zucchini for cucumbers :)

  3. You are really starting to get a very nice variety in your harvests! That strawberry looks great! It doesn't look like my ever bearing strawberries are going to do anything. They did produce a few small ones early on. Oh well, it's their first year.

  4. That's a nice assortment in those harvest! I love this time of year when there is such variety coming in from the garden.

    I have to agree with you on the Seascape taste. They didn't develop a great flavor here. But that didn't stop me from eating them.

  5. With the price of raspberries by the pound (at least down here in NC), you could make a significant dent in your tally by weighing them in! (chuckle)

    I am curious actually what you use for a source for your prices. Do you use the local Whole Foods or the moral equivalent, farmer's market prices, or what?

  6. Everything looks delicious. I am with you on the Sparkle strawberries, they are the best. I am jealous of your zucchini, mine is still in infancy. Enjoy!

  7. Wow - wonderful harvest Daphne! Your chamomille patch looks lovely!

    What do you do with your Chocolate Mint?

  8. Those carrots are really beautiful. I like the Mokum variety alot because it is so crisp and fast maturing. Having said that... my Mokum carrots are not ready yet but they should be soon. (very late this year like everything else) It's great that you are getting such a great diversity from the garden now. Good eating ahead for you and your CSA family!

    I harvested our first strawberries and raspberries too - and they never made it to the tally or a picture either.

  9. Wow! What a great variety of harvests for a single week! Everything looks so fantastic!

  10. Looks like all your soil prep in this new garden is paying off! Everything is looking good for you.

  11. Carrots are beautiful. I pulled one this week but most are not quite ready. The variety is great and nice to start getting those tomatoes.

  12. Nice zucchini, I have not gotten any yet. I did have a fat carrot just like your odd one, I wondered if it was planted too close to the edge of the box. Look at all those nice peas you are still harvesting! Mine are done and gone...

  13. Beautiful harvests! The strawberry is a great picture! Do you use chocolate mint for making tea? It sounds delicious!

  14. Our first tomatoes must be distant cousins.

  15. Look at those carrots!! Lovely.

  16. I am a veg garden newbie - your gardens are very inspiring! :) This sounds like a fun meme, and I'm happy to join in.

  17. So many pickings Daphne! Green with envy :). My favourite this week in your harvest is the zukes, cukes, carrots...arrgghh all of them are favourites.

  18. Beautiful varied harvest, I like the stripe zuke, is it a vine or bush variety? Good to know Mokum carrot matures sooner than others. It takes such long time for carrots to size up, I'll try any variety that is shorter maturity day.

  19. How do you use the chocolate mint, Daphne? Sounds as if it would be good for flavouring ice cream!

  20. I love the variety, but especially that gorgeous strawberry! There's nothing like it.

  21. I'm drooling after your zucchini! And that chamomile patch!

  22. Your summer harvest is trickling in :) I can see you're soon going to have a ton of harvests! Nice strawberry !

  23. You're getting such a great variety of vegetables and herbs, it all looks so delicious. My tiny strawberry and raspberry harvests never get weighed or photographed either, they are nearly always instant garden snacks.

  24. Emily, I have been getting a lot of zucchini. I think this coming week will be the start of getting a lot of cukes and beans. At least I hope so.

    Robin, I kept all the flowers picked off my everbearers for about six weeks, then I let them go.

    villager, no it doesn't stop me from eating them either. They still taste good, just not as good as some other varieties.

    foodgardenkitchen, yes raspberries cost a fortune. But I'm not getting very much right now. It is their first year so I'm happy to get anything. I did my prices a couple of years ago and I should redo them. I got them first from the farmers market then from places like Whole Foods. I use the organic option when I can find it since that is how I grow mine. But I still have my fava beans with a price of zero since I don't know what they cost. I haven't seen them in the market.

    Ali, I can't wait to get some Sparkles. I've grown them before and they are just the best.

    Allison, I use the Chocolate Mint for tea. In fact I use it with the chamomile. That mint pairs well with the flavors of chamomile. A regular peppermint is not as good.

    Laura, they are very tasty carrots. It is the first year I've grown them and I'm impressed with them.

    Fred, thanks

    Marcia, I have to say the soil here is just fantastic. It makes my life really easy.

    johanna, I grow SugarSnax too, but they aren't ready yet. They ought to be soon though.

  25. Shawn Ann, I don't think mine was at the edge of the box, it was toward the middle. Just so strange.

    VeggiePAK, yes I make tea with my Chocolate Mint.

    Brie, yes yours seems a lot smaller than mine. Well the orange one at any rate.

    Ribbit, thanks

    Hanni, thanks and welcome.

    Diana, The zukes are doing great, but I saw the first vine borers last week, so I don't know how long they will last.

    Mac, it is a vine type. Costata Romenesca. I much prefer the bush types but I like that zucchini so I keep growing it.

    Mark, I use it in tea. And you are right it would probably be great in ice cream.

    Jody, thanks

    Shanon, I love my chamomile patch too. It is so pretty when I'm not eating it all.

    RandomGardener, thanks

    michelle, I'm hoping to get enough of a harvest that they become more than garden snacks. I really want to make jam again.

  26. You have a lot of delectable looking harvests! I just did my first post for this fun meme.

  27. Beautiful harvest as always Daphne. Looks like you're really diversified there. Your coming in strong now!

  28. Those are beautiful zucchini. I've heard the Costata have much better flavor than modern varieties. Will it climb a trellis?

  29. Carrots and zucchini and cucumbers, oh my!!! Your variety is so awesome! I was happy to have 4 items to harvest this week! You are a continued inspiration!

  30. That's some freaky inside-out carrot. It looks like something out of horror movies.

    I just love this time of the year when you are starting to get a good variety of things from the garden. It's so much fun going to the garden and find new things ready for harvest.

  31. Wonderful harvest! I would love to be still harvesting lettuce and carrots.

  32. Your Harvest looks so good. It is such a good variety too. Tomato and Zukes, wow, I can't wait for summer to start here in seattle.

  33. Everything looks so delicious - and healthy!! We are in winter now in South Africa, so my harvest will be lean. Great to be able to join!

  34. That's strange, I left a comment this morning and now it's gone. Blogger has been so f'ed up lately!

    Anyway, I was complimenting you on your fava bean haul this week. How many plants did you have and how far apart did you plant them? I think I need to grow them in a sunnier location next year as they haven't done as well as I would have liked.

  35. Yoyr harvest looks great as usual! What kind of zucchini is that with the stripes? Very interesting looking

  36. Beautiful harvest! Do you harvest enough chamomile over the Summer to last you the whole year?

  37. Goodness, what a harvest! That's a LOT of squash! I hope you enjoyed that first strawberry. It's sad that ours are all done already!

  38. Your harvest is looking mighty yummy! So glad to have found this meme!

  39. I'm so jealous of your carrots! I think my ground is too hard this year though, so I'm going to start some Fall carrots in giant tubs with potting mix. If they're half as nice as yours I'll be happy!

  40. I thought about including my chocolate mint in my harvest post, but that feels like cheating to me. When I moved into this house almost 8 weeks ago, the mint was already here, en force. Tons to harvest. No idea what to do with it all :)

    Very nice harvest on your part, though! I am jealous of your peas. Looking forward to getting them out there for the fall.

  41. Nicole, thanks. We seem to be getting a lot of new people this week. It will be fun seeing the new harvests.

    Barbie, and next week will bring even more. Summer is such a productive time.

    gardenvariety-hoosier, No it can't climb as it has no tendrils like other squash. I suppose you could tie it up, but the plant is really very heavy. Much more so than regular squash.

    Bee Girl, Things keep coming in. It is so much fun when something new starts.

    Sherry, it is very bizarre. I've grown a lot of carrots but never seen anything like it And carrots can get pretty freaky. I wonder if it is something in Mokum's genes that comes out occasionally. Or maybe that one is just a mutant.

    Jeana, Well after this week I hope my lettuce is still sweet. It has been so hot.

    Sonali, I hope you get your summer soon out there. The northwest has had such a bad start to summer.

    Barbie, Welcome. I don't get much of a harvest in the winter as we are totally frozen then.

    Thomas, your comment was on the last post. But I'll answer you here too. I put them 6" apart in a 3'x3' block. I didn't quite have the seeds for that so some are farther apart. And it was the Windsor variety. The poundage of the fava beans is in the pod. I never weighed them once pealed.

    Ed, it is Costata Romanesca. It is a running zucchini. So it isn't a bush. It travels.

  42. Vanessa, yes I do. I usually dry more than I use. But I don't drink it every day. I'll drink more of it in the winter than now in the summer.

    Megan, It is a lot of squash, but I have a lot of people to give them to. So far I don't think anyone has been inundated. Even me. Though what I picked yesterday I grated and froze for the winter.

    Carol, thanks, and welcome.

    Nikki, I hear that containers work really well. I've never done then since I can't be counted on to water my containers well enough. My only containers are my mint and I found them wilting pitifully this morning.

    Ben, lol no it isn't cheating. It would still be a harvest. And you should dry it for tea and make ice cream. I hope I have enough to make some ice cream later.

  43. Very nice! The carrots look awesome. I'm having a hard time keeping the soil moist & noticed it looks like you grew a longer variety. Out of curiosity, do you grow them in a peat or sand-based mix?

  44. Your harvests are so inspiring! I am so amazed that you already have 100 pounds of produce! Totally amazing!

  45. Amy, no they are just in my regular garden soil. But my soil i pretty light. Its pretty sandy/gravelly.

    meemsnyc, 100lbs already. Now I just have to break the monetary even line. I'm getting close. About $100 to go.

  46. I haven't had that many LARGE harvests but we have had more than we did last year so I consider that as a pretty good improvement!